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That once-in-a-lifetime event: a wedding, family reunion, birthday, anniversary. Photographs are the mainstay for capturing and preserving this event. And today, with so many ways to take a picture, literally hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures of that special event will be taken.

But…they are all the same because they are all taken from the same perspective…….the ground….the surface….eye-level. Doesn’t something this special deserve not just photographs, but VISUALS that are captured from an entirely different and unique perspective? One that no one else can take…one that won’t be duplicated again and again by everyone at the event with an iPhone?

DronesView™ provides unique visual perspectives of your event that will be a sure-to-watch highlight for years to come.



Drones-View is a local Zihua-based company. We are not a photographic studio…we are first and foremost marketers. Our goal is to use drone technology to help you SELL MORE of whatever it is that you sell. Read more...

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