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Real Estate

You have heard the cliché as to the most important 3 words in real estate: LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!           
Many homes and VRBOs in area are on stunning locations with million dollar views. But today, right now, the only option for touting this fabulous location is looking from the property outward. Okay…so great view…but buyers want to know WHAT THE PROPERTY LOOKS LIKE.
Buyers for up-scale properties have plenty of choices…. just check “for sale” listings. But the pictures for these top-shelf properties ALL LOOK THE SAME. Maybe the view changes, but essentially all the photos are of the interior, the landscaping, the pool…..all the same.
How do you get your property to STAND OUT from the rest. How can you ENGAGE prospective buyers? How do you motivate them to “break inertia”…….to be sufficiently excited to get off the beach or their yacht, put down the ‘rita,  pack into their car or call a cab and take what could be a 45 minute or hour drive to see your property? EYE POPPING VISUALS!!! You need a Money Shot™
Take a look at virtually any real estate ad for up-market homes ….and many with asking prices well above a million bucks…..and try to stifle a yawn.
Drones-View provides the solution to dull photographs that produce no traffic…no visits

Drones-View visuals serves up never before available high impact visuals of your property….from 1000 feet straight up or 100 feet out over the bay.

Any experienced real estate agent knows the key to generating leads online is making your listing stand out… make it compelling. Drone real estate stills and videos help you do just that. Below is everything you need to know about why you should be using PV-based DronesView™ to create Visuals for your real estate listings

How Drones Are Used for Real Estate

The link between good real estate photography and more money for Realtors and their clients has been clear for years, according to a study from REAL Trends.( Simply put, investing in professional quality drone photography, both still and video, generates more online traffic resulting in more visits to the property and a much quicker sale. Becoming known as a real estate agent that uses stunning Visuals by DronesView™ in your listings also does wonders for your overall brand image.

IIf you are to succeed, still photos alone just don’t cut it in today’s fast-paced real estate world.  Still images and video content, especially that filmed by drones, is becoming increasingly popular…even an essential.  In fact, the National Association of Realtors states that drones are perhaps the most important real estate technology since the birth of the Internet. ( states that drones are perhaps the most important real estate technology since the birth of the Internet. They’re just that effective. There’s no better way to get jaw-dropping shots of a home and how it is situated on the property, including shots of landscaping and the overall neighborhood, than with a drone.

This stunning real estate drone promo video (my video) shows you exactly how drones are used to make real estate videos exciting, engaging and effective

Benefits of Using DronesView™ for Real Estate

As mentioned above, using top-quality Visuals by DronesView™…stills and videos…. in your real estate listings increases traffic and translates into quicker sales.
So how do Visuals from DronesView™ specifically benefit real estate sales?

  1. Brand differentiation – Brand differentiation – By including property Visuals from DronesView™ you differentiate yourself and your services from the thousands of other realtors in the PV area. Buyers want to sell their property QUICKLY and drone-based Visuals have proven to dramatically increase traffic. More interested prospects mean more potential buyers for the property. When buyers compete, prices go up….as do commissions. ( and drone-based Visuals have proven to dramatically increase traffic. More interested prospects mean more potential buyers for the property. When buyers compete, prices go up….as do commissions.

  2. Brand Image – By including eye-popping still and video Visuals from DronesView™ with all your real estate listings, you’ll quickly become known for your cutting-edge marketing savvy of client properties. Your brand image will grow as customers know they can expect top quality Visuals of their property from you…. which means a quicker sale. A prestige image means results which trumps commission erosion.

  3. Compelling – Drone footage can quickly turn a me-too, boring listing into a stunning, eye-popping visual experience that looks like it was pulled straight from Hollywood. “Compelling” translates into “let’s go see this place!”

  4. Property Features – Prospective buyers are buying a HOME. This includes the PROPERTY….in addition to the house. They want to see how the home is situated….and not just on the lot…but even in the neighborhood. Using Visuals from DronesView™ enable you to show off property features like landscaping, other buildings and outdoor pools from both a distance and up close. It is these powerful Visuals that we call the MoneyShot™!

  5. Location Optimization™ - Most properties have, well…. some imperfections. Whether it be neighbors who do not maintain their property or some other visual defect that can detract from the property. And many times, these blemishes show up in typical real estate photos of a property. While they might not be noticeable from the property, they can be a “turn-off” for prospective buyers resulting in their deciding to NOT see the property. Not only does DronesView™ provide stunning Visuals of a property, but they can make imperfections disappear.
    The result: more on-line traffic….more showing….more sales



Drones-View is a local Zihua-based company. We are not a photographic studio…we are first and foremost marketers. Our goal is to use drone technology to help you SELL MORE of whatever it is that you sell. Read more...

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